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Hello, is mise Fiona!


I started Sradag Creative in 2018 when I moved back home to the Isle of Lewis after graduating from uni. I saw that in my network there was a desire, and a gap in the local market, for the particular type of work that I LOVE doing so I decided to take the leap and set up my own business!  I am now one of a handful of bilingual (Scottish Gaelic and English) photographers and designers here in Scotland 


Community and people and heritage are at the heart of all my work. I love working with families, individuals and small businesses, capturing the characters and personalities of the people and places. A natural, effort-free experience is what I aim to deliver with lifestyle photography and creatively engaging visuals.

What's in a name?  Scottish Gaelic is my mother tongue and it is incorporated in all aspects of my work. That's one reason that my business name reflects that, and was also easy to say as an English speaker. Sradag is Scottish Gaelic for spark, and it is pronounced exactly as it's said. Creative Spark. 

This website is in development so stay tuned as we make some updates and additions!

About Sradag Creative

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If you're still reading (thanks!) here's a little about me (the person behind the camera), because personality is everything in choosing a photographer.

I am a child at heart, and I think that is one reason I LOVE photographing families, I love the chaos! My friends describe me as colourful, quirky, and chilled (to name the "professional" responses my pals fave me). I am very much like this during shoots too – no hiding this energy!

I grew up in the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland in a small rural village on the North West coast, and now live in Stornoway with my Aussie partner who romantically followed me back to Scotland from New Zealand in 2018 where we were both living at the time. He's a chef, and hilarious, two more of my favourite things – food and comedy/laughing!


I spend a lot of time with my parents on the family croft where we have sheep, horses amongst other animals. See my personal Instagram for your fill of #CrofterGirl imagery! 

I have also just graduated with distinction with a Masters in Art and Social Practice online with UHI, which, without sounding cliché, has revolutionised the way I perceive my practice and how I do what I do. Ask me if you want to know more 'cause I could go on about this all day if you let me!! haha

I also adore travelling, eating, practising yoga, playing rugby, baking (when I can get in the kitchen), playing the fiddle (when I make time for myself), and consuming a LOT of movies and television!  

If you still want to know more or ask about anything I've mentioned, drop me a wee email or on either of my Instagram accounts and let's chat!

About Me

Tech Spec


 - Canon 6D MkII

 - Canon 6D MkI

 - Canon 5D MkII

Fave lens':

 - Canon 50mm F1.2

 - Canon 24-105mm

 - Sigma 


 Apple iMac

Macbook Pro 

  InDesign       Photoshop     Premier Pro    Illustrator        Acrobat 

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Cuppa & snack:

 - Soya Latte

 - Kit-Kat or

 - Custard Cream

I graduated in 2016 with a 1st Class BA Hons in Photography from Edinburgh Napier University. I've been practising photography and graphic design for over 8 years now but officially rebranded and launched Sradag Creative in 2018.

I work 60/40 freelance and part-time, practising as a freelance photographer and bilingual graphic designer (in both my native languages of Scottish Gaelic and English) in Heritage project development with Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn, the local community land trust. 

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